Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally Done! (also 420)

Yes my friends, I have successfully finished my first year at McMaster University. Well, I'll see how successfully after my exam marks come out, but I have a pretty good feeling.

Good news for you, this means that I will have more time to post Blogs and will be updating them much more regularly.

As many of you may know it is 420 tomorrow. My question is, What are you guys doing for such an auspicious occasion? I'm waking and baking, saying goodbye to everyone I know at university, spend the day with my girlfriend, then catch a 3 hour train home and smoke with friends back home. It seems like it will be a very relaxing day :)

even if you don't smoke, what are you doing for April 20th, the day that Hitler was born (Yes, that's right, Hitler's birthday was on 420. It probably explains some of his philosophies on life).


  1. Hitler was a drug addict...some sort of stimulant, but there's no way to tell exactly what. There's speculation that it's something along the lines of speed or meth.

  2. the worst part about 420 is my address is 420, so we get a lot of phone calls asking whats going on at our place tonight, wondering if they can come over.

  3. Grats. And what a good time for 4/20!

  4. ahahahah... that pic is fantastic!!!