Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed. Tory Majority. Slut Walk

Well, it has been a very busy week for news indeed. for those of you that have been living under a rock, allegations of Osama Bin Laden's death have surfaced. apparently a team of navy seals found his hiding complex, killed him and buried him at sea without any real photographs take. (photographs were released of his deceased body but they were confirmed to be fake. soo yeah, I for one don't think he's really dead and this was just done as a publicity stunt for the widely unpopular Obama administration, but let me know what you guys think. I have set up a new poll for whether you believe Osama really is dead or not.

For those of you that live in Canada it is an exciting time indeed. The Conservatives won a majority (an have control over the senate) essentially allowing them to do whatever they want for the next four years. the NDP is the biggest it's ever been and has officially changed Canada from a two-party state into a three party state.the Bloc has been dissolved into a 4 seat non-party alignment. even the party leader Duceppe lost his seat that he had held for 20 years. The Liberals have received their lowest number of seats in their entire history and also lost their party leader who will now be teaching at University of Toronto. The Green party has officially gained an elected seat, it's first in history. yeah, the next four years will be interesting for us Canucks.

And now we get to the important news, thats right, the next 'Slut Walk'. alright, so the rundown on this is:  some cop said that "man, deze bitches that gt raped n shit only get raped cause they look like sluts" then some bitches were like "yo fuk dm cops it's da rapist doin the rapin not me dressin whorish" and then th cop was like "nope" and the bitch was like "SLUT WALLLLLLLLK!". thus the creation of an annual event was cemented. and now we have 'slut walks' to raise awareness of rape, wait, no, sluts. hmm, actually, i think it's just an excuse so women can dress slutty, hey, I'm not complaining. chances are if you live close to a metropolitan city there's a slut walk near you! have fun

So I'd say this week was pretty cool beans


  1. First I've heard of these walks...

  2. i agree with the some point.

  3. I think the people who think Osama is alive are freakin' idiots.

  4. i was on someones blog who made a pretty good point about osama being alive. wish i could find it again so i can link you.