Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cereal Smash Off

Now, most people, if they're not crippling poor, have had cereal. now I consider myself a sort of, fiend, if you will, for sugary cereals. They are delicious without milk and even more amazing within. Long story short, I'm making a list of my top three sugary cereals. I'm going for TASTE, none of that health nut crap (although it is important to live a healthy blah blah blah). hmm, I guess it wasn't that long of a story. But it was cool, a very cool story.

#3 -Bronze metal (well, at least you made it)

Special K

Ketamine, better known as Special K is a potent horse tranquilizer. It Is said to give an out of body experience, and many report seeing god and/or other religious/spiritual experiences. Oh wait... right, cereal... okay, yeah Special K gets the bronze metal for my tasty cereal list (I guess that's the name now, It can't be the sugary cereal list) is Special K. Although it may be healthy, it is dam delicious. By itself, the cereal is pretty good and the crunchy-ish dried strawberries are pretty good. All thought I find there is not enough of them. It's especially good with other fruits cut onto it like bananas and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I do no means endorse ingestion without the aid of milk. I'm serious, shit's dry bro.

#2 - Silver metal (Remember, If you're not first, you're last - Ricky Bobby's Dad)

Apple Jacks

Although I haven't had them in a while (due to an inability to find them) but take my word they are delicious. imagine delicious apples + sugar in the form of a cheerio, doesn't sound good? Well then you're insane, unless you don't like apples, or have an irrational fear of cheerios. Well, I guess it's not thaaaat irrational. But yeah, Delicious and such, great for snacking on.

#1 - Gold metal (GJ, you get what you set out to accomplish)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

everybody who eats cereals should know this and revere it as one of their top cereals. No matter if you're a health nut or not, this is simply DELICIOUS. It really is the taste you can see, even alone they look and smell mouth watering. The combination of cinnamon and sugar on a small baked flake is the epitome of orgasmic. Great alone and amazing with milk, it's the best choice for any occasion (unless you have diabetes). It tastes like a punch of sugar right into your mouth, more or less.

Cool Beans Bonus Choice!

Reese's Pieces Cereal

Those of you that have read the Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Waterson all know about Calvin's fascination of sugary cereals, most notably, chocolate frosted sugar bombs. Well, the title of his favourite cereal more or less explains what Reese's cereal is. its just a chocolaty, sugary ball, so delicious. This is my personal favourite to snack on since it doesn't get my hands all sugary like cinnamon toast crunch does. Really good in milk but gets soggy, and Reeses' soggy is absolutely horrid, which is why this cereal isn't part of the list.

All in all, cereal is a very versatile food, snacked on dry or doused in milk it's good anytime, anywhere.


  1. In my personal opinion, Lucky Charms should have at least made the silver metal league! But you do have a lot of informative posts.. consider yourself forgiven. Followed.

  2. oh... my... GOD. I can't believe I didn't include Lucky Charms, I will have to sleekly edit it in

  3. I love cinnamon toast crunch, I've eaten it since I was a kid
    Also makes a great snack to munch on

  4. Captain Crunch for me! But your list was pretty good! Although you should have spent time talking about that naked chick with the cerial boxes!

  5. I love cereal! And I can't agree with you more on the number one pick. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is far superior.

  6. I like Cracklin' Oat Bran a lot but it costs an arm and a leg unless you get it at Wal-mart. Good cereal is so hard to find. Some taste good but they stop selling them, or the price goes up so it's not even worth it. My wifey really likes PB Captain Crunch... It's so unreal how much she craves it. If you're talking about cereal on your blog I'm totally impressed. So good.

    Hey, do you think that the Cinnamon Chex kind of tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I think it does, almost.

  7. So, for normal cereals I really like Wheaties. I don't like sugary stuff much, but I'd say my favorite sugary cereal is plain captain crunch (crunch berries are pretty good, too).

  8. Special K is all I need to fill the whole :).

  9. Cinnamon toast crunch always does it for me...