Thursday, June 2, 2011

GotW: Warhammer Online

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting in a while but I actually managed to somehow get a job *angle cheers*. I didn't even get the job conventionally, it was only because I bumped into my friend randomly and he referred me to the place he was leaving. It really is true that most jobs aren't obtained through want ads, it's pretty much who you know. My new job, which really isn't all that interesting along with my new obsession Warhammer Online have pretty much been taking up all of my free time that I would otherwise have. But thinking about this blog I have returned with a  new found fondness and structure to my blog that I feel you will all enjoy.

Well, enough with all that chitter-chatter, time for toady's post. I'm going to be doing something new with my blogs, well, not so much new, but, better structured.

Today is the first post in a segment called Game of the Week. I will show & explain different games that I have either played or found interesting enough to share with you all. so with out further adui, let's get this show on the road.

Warhammer Online is an MMO much to the style of World of Warcraft. Its aims were a bit different as it focuses almost entirely around PvP. Sure you can do the single player or group based PvE if you like, but the main alluring factor of this game is its unrivaled player versus player and more importantly Realm versus Realm combat. The PvE is like any generic MMO, go here, kill this, talk to this guy, walk here, gather 10 of these, etc. etc.

ps. you can make your character look BALLIN as hell.

But this game takes the meaning of constant war to a new level. In fact, if you want to level up faster in any one of your three ranking bars, PvP is the best choice. as I mentioned there are three experience type bars. the first is your level experience, this is the regular xp gained from killing monsters, players and doing quests to get you from rank 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and so on. there is also a 'Renown Rank' this is the experience you get for participating in Realm versus Realm, Player versus Player combat and doing public quests. The higher your renown rank, the better PvP armour you can buy and wear. While not essential but it does help  a lot for PvP

Oh man, now I gotta explain public quests, I forgot how complexly awesome this game is. A public quest is like any type of quest with a few differences. 1) there are different parts to a single public quest, like you have to kill so many of x creature (which are all around the quest area constantly respawning) to start part two, then you do part two whatever it is and usually kill a boss in part 3. the interesting thing about this is anyone can help the public quest and be rewarded even if they're all not in the same group. Warhmammer Online has a cool system of reward, at the end of the quest all the players get to roll for their place in receiving loot, based on your performance throughout the entire quest you will get +xxx to your roll, if you're first it will be +500, and it goes down accordingly to your place. you roll a number from 1 - 1000 and add your respective number and that's how it's decided which loot you get to pick from.

Now Realm vs Realm combat is probably their most exciting feature. you know open PvP in wow, where every day you might see an enemy in your area that kills you or vice versa? yeah, well, imagine that on crack. imagine maybe a group of 30 players constantly fighting against a group of 40 players in the open world. if that isn't enough, imagine them fighting over specific objectives having to keep an assemblance of order and making holding the line a necessity rather than a preference. once more, imagine these 70 some people fighting in a castle siege with archers and mages fighting from the parapets of the castle wall while a swirling melee goes on in front of the gates trying to destroy the battering ram that's battering down their gates. are you salivating yet?

All races have 4 classes, there are 6 races. in the game, there is a total of 24 classes, a good variety to choose from. and all races have a DPS, Healer and Tank + 1 other unique class, such as the warrior priest, who is a melee healer, I know, badass right? hitting people to heal them.

Now, I think I've gone over much of the important parts of the game, oh wait, each side (order and destruction) has a capital city. this whole Realm vs Realm stuff isn't only significant on the local level. if one of the factions, lets say destruction owns most of the tier 1 - 3 realms, then they will be able to start advancing on tier 4. if destruction takes all of the tier 4 objectives, they get to assault the enemy's capital city, which means, a huge city siege complete with raping and pillaging (rape isn't a mechanic in the game yet but you can emote it haha).

OH, and one more thinggg, it's free to play. forever.

So yeah, if this sounds like something you'd like to play and have time for, i would really suggest trying it out. the player base for this game took a big hit due to Wrath of the Lich king coming out. It's the best MMO imo. So yeah, check it out.

ps. the 3rd experience bar is for influence, the more you do in a certain area the more you are rewarded.

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  1. This looks excellent. I love Warhammer.

    Also, I've been away for a while, but now I'm back! Just leaving this little "P.S." to blogs I enjoy and want to know that I'm still here!

  2. Thought that armored dude was a spehss mahreen, for a second.

  3. Awesome about the job man. Gratz.

  4. even though i dont really care for that topic i enjoyed reading about it.

  5. I've always enjoyed making models for Warhammer... but sadly everything is moving onto the electronic front now :'(

  6. Congrats on the job!!! This site is cooler than the beansin my monring coffee!!!