Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Books

Now that I'm off school I have a good amount of time to read things that I want to read. I got this book for Christmas from my friend and I have to say, it is on of the most masterfully told stories I have ever read. It chronicles the Battle of Stalingrad from both German and Soviet perspectives, from enlisted men to generals and dictators.

The book is:  Enemy at the Gates by William Craig. For those of you that made the connection between it and the popular movie with the same title they are nothing alike. The book does tell of Vassili Zaytzeff with about as much detail as it does for any other soldier in th book. The book really allows you to feel how horrid the war was and how pointless and stupid the loss of life. Even though you know the Germans are going to lose you still root for them, not their ideology, but the individual soldiers that made up the entirety of 6th Army. You realize that the hardships each soldier went through were mutual, and you love all of them for it, you root for every soldier you read about. For a history book it is on of the best told stories ever written. For those of you who like history I implore you to read this, and those of you who don't I very strongly recommended this book, because if you read this, you will like it.

My question for you is, what are some of your favorite books? (any history books would b greatly appreciated)

This book is very, very Cool Beans

If you wish to buy it I have provided a link:


  1. Haven't seen you around lately! Miss your posts!

  2. Well then I'll start to post more :D

  3. 1984 and war of the worlds? fictional history, but history nonetheless.

  4. Definitely need to check this out. Need to agree 1984 historically wise, definitely thinking that's pretty accurate.

  5. whay don't you tray to read "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque? simply fantastic book in my opinion!