Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 2-4

Well my friends, it is May 2-4. the long weekend in the spring that allows you to appreciate the coming of summer by getting wasted.  Also for those working on Monday getting time and a half ain't bad. This weekend also means sun and shine with awesome temperatures for people in the GTA. 

Well, going on to our neigbours to the south, The United States has reached its max debt limit."The U.S. Treasury will settle $72 billion in maturing bonds on Monday, which will push the country right up against its $14.294 trillion borrowing cap". Looks like shit has hit the fan, but i'm sure they'll find a way around it. they're proposing to raise the debt limit even more. And, basically, they're just going to take the money for pension funds But don't worry, they'll raise the debt limit, then hit it again, suspend your pensions for a few days, raise it, suspend it, raise it, suspend it. Until they can't anymore. Somehow America is going to have to realize the hypocritical nature of their government, so I say vote for ron paul, he really wants to be president.

Time to go to bed. after a hard days work tomorrow my friends, May 2-4 (y).

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most Looked forward to game of 2011

In an age of rapidly advancing technology gaming has become a behemoth of an industry in comparison to that which it used to be. Limits are being stretched every day and countless games are being developed. There is one game that sets itself apart from all the others in my mind. It was released to be the most realistic game that was possible on a computer, which it still is to this day. It aimed at giving FPS players a game that looked and felt realistic. It is a WWII shooter (no matter how many WWII shooters there are I'll never get sick of them). If you don't already know it by now, the game is called Red Orchestra,

Red Orchestra chronicles the lesser explored Eastern Front; the war between Germany and the Soviet Union. this was the most brutal and savage war that this world has ever seen. tens of millions died on the fields of battle, and millions more civilians died than soldiers. This game is the most realistic shooter out there (save for maybe ArmA, but not after RO 2 comes out) Red Orchestra 2: The Battle for Stalingrad revolves around the famous battle on the Volga river that turned the course of WWII. Fun fact, if the Germans took Stalingrad Russia would have most likely lost the war (90% of all their oil was derived from the Caucus region, south of Stalingrad).
Sniper scope in Red Orchestra

Tripwire (the developer of Red Orchestra) is implementing many new features to the game. eg. blind fire (the ability to shoot over walls without exposing your head. blind fire is truly blind), an online campaign (players fight for 10 strategic locations in Stalingrad and ultimately win or lose the city of Stalingrad. some regions give bonuses in the form of better weapons, manpower, etc.), morale (not sure how it works) and more.

If you're looking for a fun FPS, I humbly recommend that you at least give RO a try, it is one of the funnest (that's right funnest, no matter how many people tell em that's not a word i don't care, if D'oh is a word then by Odin's Beard funnest should be) games out there.

This game is so cool beans that they're frozen

Also, Anchorman is an awesome movie

Friday, May 13, 2011


College is an awesome place at an awesome time in your life. You spend your prime years studying what you want to do for the rest of your life, or what you think you'd like to do. even if it's not practical (Peace Studies) or if it can even get you a job (Philosophy). You learn a lot academically and about life. You learn to be responsible by being irresponsible. It gives you experiences on which to make judgement in later life.

Yet there are many aspects of college that people miss out on. Some drop out, don't make friends, get a degree in something cool but useless or in something they realize they don't want to do at all. Some people just don't enjoy college because it's not the place for them or they simply do not do enough.

I know that I wanted to do a lot more in my first year than I actually did. I made a bunch of friends and pulled through my grades like I always do, but I feel I could have done so much more. I wish I was more active in school clubs/life/politics. I should have done more hw and got a job and less dicking around. And talked to more women, ah, the women.

What's one thing that you wish you did/did more in College today?

College, Cool Beans?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Books

Now that I'm off school I have a good amount of time to read things that I want to read. I got this book for Christmas from my friend and I have to say, it is on of the most masterfully told stories I have ever read. It chronicles the Battle of Stalingrad from both German and Soviet perspectives, from enlisted men to generals and dictators.

The book is:  Enemy at the Gates by William Craig. For those of you that made the connection between it and the popular movie with the same title they are nothing alike. The book does tell of Vassili Zaytzeff with about as much detail as it does for any other soldier in th book. The book really allows you to feel how horrid the war was and how pointless and stupid the loss of life. Even though you know the Germans are going to lose you still root for them, not their ideology, but the individual soldiers that made up the entirety of 6th Army. You realize that the hardships each soldier went through were mutual, and you love all of them for it, you root for every soldier you read about. For a history book it is on of the best told stories ever written. For those of you who like history I implore you to read this, and those of you who don't I very strongly recommended this book, because if you read this, you will like it.

My question for you is, what are some of your favorite books? (any history books would b greatly appreciated)

This book is very, very Cool Beans

If you wish to buy it I have provided a link:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed. Tory Majority. Slut Walk

Well, it has been a very busy week for news indeed. for those of you that have been living under a rock, allegations of Osama Bin Laden's death have surfaced. apparently a team of navy seals found his hiding complex, killed him and buried him at sea without any real photographs take. (photographs were released of his deceased body but they were confirmed to be fake. soo yeah, I for one don't think he's really dead and this was just done as a publicity stunt for the widely unpopular Obama administration, but let me know what you guys think. I have set up a new poll for whether you believe Osama really is dead or not.

For those of you that live in Canada it is an exciting time indeed. The Conservatives won a majority (an have control over the senate) essentially allowing them to do whatever they want for the next four years. the NDP is the biggest it's ever been and has officially changed Canada from a two-party state into a three party state.the Bloc has been dissolved into a 4 seat non-party alignment. even the party leader Duceppe lost his seat that he had held for 20 years. The Liberals have received their lowest number of seats in their entire history and also lost their party leader who will now be teaching at University of Toronto. The Green party has officially gained an elected seat, it's first in history. yeah, the next four years will be interesting for us Canucks.

And now we get to the important news, thats right, the next 'Slut Walk'. alright, so the rundown on this is:  some cop said that "man, deze bitches that gt raped n shit only get raped cause they look like sluts" then some bitches were like "yo fuk dm cops it's da rapist doin the rapin not me dressin whorish" and then th cop was like "nope" and the bitch was like "SLUT WALLLLLLLLK!". thus the creation of an annual event was cemented. and now we have 'slut walks' to raise awareness of rape, wait, no, sluts. hmm, actually, i think it's just an excuse so women can dress slutty, hey, I'm not complaining. chances are if you live close to a metropolitan city there's a slut walk near you! have fun

So I'd say this week was pretty cool beans

Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you have a PS3, you should have Demon Souls

I got a PS3 for Christmas because my brother was getting a new one so I got his old ones (fuckyeah hand me downs) I'm a much more dedicated PC gamer than i am console, so I wasn't sure what games to get for it.

My friend introduced me to the game Demon Souls and let me tell you it is FUCKING AMAZING.

It's an RPG game that's set in a land taken over by demons. their souls act as your currency. the combat mechanics are as of yet unmatched in the realism and style. there are 5 worlds all with various themes, and a boss at the end of each part of the level (5 parts per level, 5 levels = 25 levels, 25 - 30 bosses). you can utilize any style of play you wish, a quick squishy ninja, a dual-ax wielding barbarian, a heavily armoured knight, a sorcerer or just a regular knight. oh, and there's bows if you want to be Legolas.

All of these roles are awesomely powerful in their own way, but you have to adapt to their style of play. this allows for each playthrough with a different character will be a different experience with different outcomes.

the enemies are imaginative and very demon-like, there's always new creatures in every level.

one of the major attractive features of DS is the online capability. while you are fighting through your world you may encounter phantoms. Phantoms are other players that are either trying to help you (Blue Phantoms) or trying to kill you along with the monsters (Red Phantoms).

there is also a neat feature called 'world tendency'. it ranges from black, to neutral to white. the more you die, the blacker it gets (Black means you are less powerful and enemies are moreso) if you kill bosses and blue phantom it switches tendencies to white (the vice versa of black).

after you finish the game doesn't mean it's over by any means. after beating the game you go to 'Game+' and then 'game++' and so on. it is the same as the original 25 levels, only much harder (the units are more powerful, have different attacks, different units in various places, etc.)

Demon Souls is a widely acclaimed game and the sequel 'Dark Souls' is in production aiming at a October release date.

But once this game comes out, the servers for Demon Souls will be closed down meaning the online feature of the game will be lost, one of its major attractive features. they do this because they claim the first game to be done, while Dark Souls will be current.