Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack Layton Dead at 61

As many of you may know the leader of the first time official NDP opposition has died on August 22nd. Which coincedentally was my birthday! sweet 19, In Canada that means I can buy/ do everything now, well, all the legal things of course. A nation mourns a great man. many of the people I've talked to about this seemed to revere him as the only politician that they could trust. Even as a minor party he still united opposition parties to rally against the Conservatives on crucial bills that has improved social welfare and general well being of the worst off in our society. He even stopped an election by voting for the conservatives on a vote of non-confidence where an election would otherwise have been called, as he knew that it would produce little result and eat up millions of dollars.

Really, the summary of him and his work is best said in this AFP article 

Harper was traveling in the Arctic but recalled for reporters on Tuesday his last meeting with Layton in June, saying Layton looked tired.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maybe This Will be a 5th of November to Remember

As many people are aware about Anonymous's recent hacking. Most attributed to LulzSec which seemed to start this movement. Guy Fawkes (The English terrorist/freedom fighter, call him what you will) tried to blow up parliament on November the 5th, an act of rebellion that has been popularized by the movie V for Vendetta. (If you haven't seen it, I urge you to do so. It may bring out the revolutionary in you,w ho knows?) They are proposing the liquidation of Facebook. Thy have a solid case, Facbook has millions of people's personal info's and has sold it multiple times to companies, law enforcement, government agencies etc. The whole problem with Facebook is that if you're part of this generation, you will 99% have it, because 99% of your friends all have it.

Peer Pressure is fucking stuff up like usual.

I personally support this whole-heatedly as I do not like Facebook, the only reason I have it is so I know about certain events, things that are not Facebook's prim function.

The Video can be seen here: I don't know you or care about what your views are, but do your research, take a side and fight for your end to the teeth, if you care about it that much. if not it was just another Cool Beans story to you.

Oh, and apparently thy killed the guy that shot down the US chopper:

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Stock market is cool and doesn't afraid of anything

(Please excuse any small typos, my 'e' key works about 75% of the time and is dropping)

SO, America's dollar? up

America's credit rating? AA++
well, that's better than most of their inhabitants.

Stock Market?

It's in a bit of trouble to say the least. Dow Jones took another hug hit today as did most of the major indexes. It's a great time to short some stocks if you know what you'r doing!

I recently took out some money to start trading on the stock market. well, what I thought was the stock market. You see I have always had a liking of silver and the difference between that and gold is the largest it's been ever. SO what I got into was a futures market that allows you to trade 200:1 ratio with your dollar. so essentially you buy 200x more than the amount you're putting down. I (like the ignorant fool I was) put all my money in the market. I was up at the start (... up $1000 in two minutes?...) It didn't feel like real money. SO i kept it in, went up to make some delicious peanutbutter on toast, came down to see i had roughly 600$ left. I assumed what I owned I would keep, so I knew all of these commodities would rebound after a small drop, and they did... but not before thy sized my assets as I had no remaining cash to back them. (I'm not sure exactly how they can do this) but long story shot, I got kind of screwed. But I'm glad this happened, because to truly understand that fire's hot, you have to get burned by it. Knowledge only becomes wisdom with experience in my opinion.

London Riots!

Today (As I'm writing it) marks the fourth day of London riots. A lot of rioting and looting. A whole lot of energy and violence aimed at nothing... so senseless. You can see what has happened up to now at:

Libyan Civil War

You don't really hear much about Libya in the news anymore, since that whole 'people fighting for their freedom' month has passed, and we're back onto newer events. I'd like to give you some perspective on how the country's doing.

Well, it seems that the people are generally rallying behind the rebels and the government is holding on by sheer military control. As you can see from the picture to the left the government controls the central part of the country (mostly desert) as will as a small area around the capital with ongoing fighting for control of Tripoli. Uhh yeah, so looking pretty good for the rebels right now. Hopefully Gadaffi doesn't make a deal with North Korea.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cereal Smash Off

Now, most people, if they're not crippling poor, have had cereal. now I consider myself a sort of, fiend, if you will, for sugary cereals. They are delicious without milk and even more amazing within. Long story short, I'm making a list of my top three sugary cereals. I'm going for TASTE, none of that health nut crap (although it is important to live a healthy blah blah blah). hmm, I guess it wasn't that long of a story. But it was cool, a very cool story.

#3 -Bronze metal (well, at least you made it)

Special K

Ketamine, better known as Special K is a potent horse tranquilizer. It Is said to give an out of body experience, and many report seeing god and/or other religious/spiritual experiences. Oh wait... right, cereal... okay, yeah Special K gets the bronze metal for my tasty cereal list (I guess that's the name now, It can't be the sugary cereal list) is Special K. Although it may be healthy, it is dam delicious. By itself, the cereal is pretty good and the crunchy-ish dried strawberries are pretty good. All thought I find there is not enough of them. It's especially good with other fruits cut onto it like bananas and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I do no means endorse ingestion without the aid of milk. I'm serious, shit's dry bro.

#2 - Silver metal (Remember, If you're not first, you're last - Ricky Bobby's Dad)

Apple Jacks

Although I haven't had them in a while (due to an inability to find them) but take my word they are delicious. imagine delicious apples + sugar in the form of a cheerio, doesn't sound good? Well then you're insane, unless you don't like apples, or have an irrational fear of cheerios. Well, I guess it's not thaaaat irrational. But yeah, Delicious and such, great for snacking on.

#1 - Gold metal (GJ, you get what you set out to accomplish)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

everybody who eats cereals should know this and revere it as one of their top cereals. No matter if you're a health nut or not, this is simply DELICIOUS. It really is the taste you can see, even alone they look and smell mouth watering. The combination of cinnamon and sugar on a small baked flake is the epitome of orgasmic. Great alone and amazing with milk, it's the best choice for any occasion (unless you have diabetes). It tastes like a punch of sugar right into your mouth, more or less.

Cool Beans Bonus Choice!

Reese's Pieces Cereal

Those of you that have read the Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Waterson all know about Calvin's fascination of sugary cereals, most notably, chocolate frosted sugar bombs. Well, the title of his favourite cereal more or less explains what Reese's cereal is. its just a chocolaty, sugary ball, so delicious. This is my personal favourite to snack on since it doesn't get my hands all sugary like cinnamon toast crunch does. Really good in milk but gets soggy, and Reeses' soggy is absolutely horrid, which is why this cereal isn't part of the list.

All in all, cereal is a very versatile food, snacked on dry or doused in milk it's good anytime, anywhere.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Canada's Budget seems like it's doing alright.

Four months after the Conservatives won a majority. I can't really complain, roads are being built and fixed.  There are incentives to hire students, which helps me. Canada is coming out of the recession as one of the top preforming countries. Our dollar is up (but that's no doubt due to the recent crises in the United States).

The NDP are actually calling some shot a as a MINORITY opposition. you f*ck with them and they're gonna filibuster your ass, and then talk for a long time. But Jack Layton is off fighting cancer, which could prove a very vital problem. Because in my opinion, in the last election most Canadians weren't voting for their local MP, or even particularly the NDP, but for Jack Layton. the future of the NDP is very uncertain at this moment.

They have reached an agreement and Canada should be showing surpluses in the next decade

The Internet Billing meter was killed, thank god, and that's mainly due to online petitioning sites such as avaaz and care2petition. it takes a minute or two (literally) to sign up and you can instantly sign any cause you care for, I think it's a great new initiative popping up.

Many people around the world desire to move to Canada as their #1 destination, and there's no reason that they shouldn't except for the weather.


- Our weather is whack. you think it's cold? if you haven't come from a country that has parts in the arctic circle, let me tell you it is a B*TCH. Be prepared for cold for about 6 months of the year... all... the... time... during out 2 month spring and two month fall the weather is generally good, but greatly fluctuates. It may be seasonable, but then for a few days BAM it's FREEZING or REALLY INEXPLICABLY HOT. our summers get HOT, you may not expect it (hey, Canada, cold right? NOPE) the last two weeks have been parched with bating sun and temperatures as high as 43 degrees (Celsius, about 109 Fahrenheit for Amurikahns).
                        * This is from the experiences of a lifetime resident of the Greater Toronto Area or              
                           GTA for short

- We have many social expenses, so say hello to some taxes. depending on how much you make income tax is about 18 - 32 % with 8-13% tax on bought goods (depending which province you are in)

- Awesome Healthcare

- People are generally frindly

- Depending on where you go it can be completely Asian, black, ethnic European, etc. like in any city but it is a lot more noticeable.

- Business is Booming

So in short, Canada? doin alright