Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, but, I'm currently in university and it's exam season. I know what you're all thinking, it only takes 30 minutes (realistically less) to write a blog post. you see, I have this style of studying, it's called I procrastinate. So instead of studying the global history of the 20th century, I'll read about say Argentina and Peron's reforms, then wonder what Argentina is like today, look it up on Wiki and before you know it, I'm playing the Hitler-Wikipedia game. one time i clicked random article and Adolf Hitler just appeared, so, pretty sure I've won the game forever.

Now I could procrastinate by making a Blogger post, yes. but, it includes writing about cool stuff and my brain's so full of fuck at the moment that I cant be cool, unless you're into history, I know a lot about that. Ya, you don't need to tell me, I don't have a future, but that's for future me to deal with. screw that guy anyway, hes a dick.

P.S. if anybody knows anything about culture studies send me a message or leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated if you want to help me.

Since my brain's so full of fuck (history) at the moment, I bring you a 1000 year history of wars in the world, in video form (y).


  1. i do the same thing, you got to take any short cuts you can on studying

  2. I love Cyanide and Happiness. In other news, anything can be brought back to World War 2, but then again it's not news if you've ever been in debate.

  3. cyanide's the shit, they got me into web comics <3

  4. I love cyanide and happiness. One of my favorite web comics.