Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most Looked forward to game of 2011

In an age of rapidly advancing technology gaming has become a behemoth of an industry in comparison to that which it used to be. Limits are being stretched every day and countless games are being developed. There is one game that sets itself apart from all the others in my mind. It was released to be the most realistic game that was possible on a computer, which it still is to this day. It aimed at giving FPS players a game that looked and felt realistic. It is a WWII shooter (no matter how many WWII shooters there are I'll never get sick of them). If you don't already know it by now, the game is called Red Orchestra,

Red Orchestra chronicles the lesser explored Eastern Front; the war between Germany and the Soviet Union. this was the most brutal and savage war that this world has ever seen. tens of millions died on the fields of battle, and millions more civilians died than soldiers. This game is the most realistic shooter out there (save for maybe ArmA, but not after RO 2 comes out) Red Orchestra 2: The Battle for Stalingrad revolves around the famous battle on the Volga river that turned the course of WWII. Fun fact, if the Germans took Stalingrad Russia would have most likely lost the war (90% of all their oil was derived from the Caucus region, south of Stalingrad).
Sniper scope in Red Orchestra

Tripwire (the developer of Red Orchestra) is implementing many new features to the game. eg. blind fire (the ability to shoot over walls without exposing your head. blind fire is truly blind), an online campaign (players fight for 10 strategic locations in Stalingrad and ultimately win or lose the city of Stalingrad. some regions give bonuses in the form of better weapons, manpower, etc.), morale (not sure how it works) and more.

If you're looking for a fun FPS, I humbly recommend that you at least give RO a try, it is one of the funnest (that's right funnest, no matter how many people tell em that's not a word i don't care, if D'oh is a word then by Odin's Beard funnest should be) games out there.

This game is so cool beans that they're frozen

Also, Anchorman is an awesome movie


  1. Alright, I'll take a look.

  2. Blind shooting? Is that like sticking your arm over the wall and shooting without putting your head out there with a target? Sounds pretty cool! I didn't realize that this part of the war was so brutal, especially in regards to civilian deaths. What a shame!

  3. yeah, you wont be able to see what you're firing at. the civilian deaths weren't much worse than during peace, only it was the Soviets doing the killing.