Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you have a PS3, you should have Demon Souls

I got a PS3 for Christmas because my brother was getting a new one so I got his old ones (fuckyeah hand me downs) I'm a much more dedicated PC gamer than i am console, so I wasn't sure what games to get for it.

My friend introduced me to the game Demon Souls and let me tell you it is FUCKING AMAZING.

It's an RPG game that's set in a land taken over by demons. their souls act as your currency. the combat mechanics are as of yet unmatched in the realism and style. there are 5 worlds all with various themes, and a boss at the end of each part of the level (5 parts per level, 5 levels = 25 levels, 25 - 30 bosses). you can utilize any style of play you wish, a quick squishy ninja, a dual-ax wielding barbarian, a heavily armoured knight, a sorcerer or just a regular knight. oh, and there's bows if you want to be Legolas.

All of these roles are awesomely powerful in their own way, but you have to adapt to their style of play. this allows for each playthrough with a different character will be a different experience with different outcomes.

the enemies are imaginative and very demon-like, there's always new creatures in every level.

one of the major attractive features of DS is the online capability. while you are fighting through your world you may encounter phantoms. Phantoms are other players that are either trying to help you (Blue Phantoms) or trying to kill you along with the monsters (Red Phantoms).

there is also a neat feature called 'world tendency'. it ranges from black, to neutral to white. the more you die, the blacker it gets (Black means you are less powerful and enemies are moreso) if you kill bosses and blue phantom it switches tendencies to white (the vice versa of black).

after you finish the game doesn't mean it's over by any means. after beating the game you go to 'Game+' and then 'game++' and so on. it is the same as the original 25 levels, only much harder (the units are more powerful, have different attacks, different units in various places, etc.)

Demon Souls is a widely acclaimed game and the sequel 'Dark Souls' is in production aiming at a October release date.

But once this game comes out, the servers for Demon Souls will be closed down meaning the online feature of the game will be lost, one of its major attractive features. they do this because they claim the first game to be done, while Dark Souls will be current.


  1. I heard it was pretty tough.

  2. I played it, it is awesome. Maybe ill buy it once the PSN comes back.

  3. If you have a PS3 you should request a new credit card ;P

  4. I have this and absolutely love it, I played this game so much it's not even funny. I got like almost every trophy and stuff I think one thing I like about this game the most is the intentional exploits they put in the game.

  5. Yeah, this is true. Such a good game.