Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Wall St, well Toronto for me

Occupy Wall St. is a glimmer of hope in a tunnel of darkness. It seems the sense of morality has disappeared in politicians over these past few years, decades even. How long has it been since we had someone to believe in in public office? And actually come through with what they said they would? Obama, awesome campaign. troops back on day 1? more like troops back on day one of the next campaign trail. universal health care? I being in Canada must compliment you on a most, utter failure. You didn't even include people with pre-existing coverage, you just made insurance cheaper for the poor by taxing the middle class (incomes of up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level(FPL) = incomes of $88,000 or less a year have to cover this. You need public support, you need the states to adopt it, you can't just push a bill through and expected it to get passed in a congress that has opposed time and time again the idea of universal health care.

But back to the point, wait, did i even have a point? Anyway, there's nobody in public office to trust, so, we have to take things into our own hands, it's what our nations were built upon, the ideal of liberty. the belief that no one man should ever have to answer to the state except for punishments of the severest crimes to society or taxes if he decides to become a part of the society. Even since the turn of the century, there have been more and more laws, not to mention more brutal punishments, it seems after we cooled down on the whole liberty thing we allowed them to start slowly constricting us. We've become Neo-Liberals, or as I like to call it, lazy Liberals!

So it's now our job to right their wrongs. Number One: REFORM THE BANKING SYSTEM. I know there are a lot of reforms that we're kinda behind on, but seriously, you want the economy better? less taxes? LESS NATIONAL DEBT? You need to reform the banking system. See, since we (well, most countries) have a central bank, we have the option of printing our own money, at no cost to us except for the ammount we're taking out. But most countries have started to 'contract' their money production to international banks, which you know, want something out of it. Not just interest, compound interest. so ask for $1,000,000,000 at say prime? 3%. so if it takes them 5 years to pay off their debt they would have to payyyy 1,161,184,142.30. and that's just 5 years, at one of the lowest interest rates ever. 161 million dollars? where are they going to get that money? from us, from our money that they printed, which the government has to also pay interest on. does something sound fishy here?

Our monetary system is a debt based one, which means, if your country has no debt, you have no money in circulation. so  95% of Canada's money is printed, which all has interest to be paid on. So if there are one trillion dollars in circulation, there's 3% compound interest on all of those. the gov't has to pay it off with the only money it can get, either international trade (which is why we export so many raw resources to be produced somewhere else) or on us, as lovely taxes. (and gov't owned companies). So there's less and less money in the system, which makes money not necessarily worth more compared to other currencies, but more valuable in our societies as we need more and more money to battle the rise in inflation.

So, guys? let's do it one step of a time, but you know the first one is the most important, so, do something big. EDUCATE THE PEOPLE! once they know this shit is happening nobody will want any of it.

But yeah, reforming our monetary systems would be really cool beans.

Did I mention one of the companies who prints bills for Canada was responsible for the hyperinflation seen in Germany during the 1930s? oh, and you know that Zimbabwe trillion dollar bill? those were their handwork as well.

I will post links to info if people would like.


  1. I wish we had a resource based economy as proposed by Jacque Fresco!

  2. Huh. Funny picture there, and interesting about the printing company.

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