Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack Layton Dead at 61

As many of you may know the leader of the first time official NDP opposition has died on August 22nd. Which coincedentally was my birthday! sweet 19, In Canada that means I can buy/ do everything now, well, all the legal things of course. A nation mourns a great man. many of the people I've talked to about this seemed to revere him as the only politician that they could trust. Even as a minor party he still united opposition parties to rally against the Conservatives on crucial bills that has improved social welfare and general well being of the worst off in our society. He even stopped an election by voting for the conservatives on a vote of non-confidence where an election would otherwise have been called, as he knew that it would produce little result and eat up millions of dollars.

Really, the summary of him and his work is best said in this AFP article 

Harper was traveling in the Arctic but recalled for reporters on Tuesday his last meeting with Layton in June, saying Layton looked tired.


  1. 19's the limit in Canada? Never knew that.

  2. Long live the NDP!
    Canada will remember Jack Layton!

  3. Like your blog alot :)