Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Canada's Budget seems like it's doing alright.

Four months after the Conservatives won a majority. I can't really complain, roads are being built and fixed.  There are incentives to hire students, which helps me. Canada is coming out of the recession as one of the top preforming countries. Our dollar is up (but that's no doubt due to the recent crises in the United States).

The NDP are actually calling some shot a as a MINORITY opposition. you f*ck with them and they're gonna filibuster your ass, and then talk for a long time. But Jack Layton is off fighting cancer, which could prove a very vital problem. Because in my opinion, in the last election most Canadians weren't voting for their local MP, or even particularly the NDP, but for Jack Layton. the future of the NDP is very uncertain at this moment.

They have reached an agreement and Canada should be showing surpluses in the next decade

The Internet Billing meter was killed, thank god, and that's mainly due to online petitioning sites such as avaaz and care2petition. it takes a minute or two (literally) to sign up and you can instantly sign any cause you care for, I think it's a great new initiative popping up.

Many people around the world desire to move to Canada as their #1 destination, and there's no reason that they shouldn't except for the weather.


- Our weather is whack. you think it's cold? if you haven't come from a country that has parts in the arctic circle, let me tell you it is a B*TCH. Be prepared for cold for about 6 months of the year... all... the... time... during out 2 month spring and two month fall the weather is generally good, but greatly fluctuates. It may be seasonable, but then for a few days BAM it's FREEZING or REALLY INEXPLICABLY HOT. our summers get HOT, you may not expect it (hey, Canada, cold right? NOPE) the last two weeks have been parched with bating sun and temperatures as high as 43 degrees (Celsius, about 109 Fahrenheit for Amurikahns).
                        * This is from the experiences of a lifetime resident of the Greater Toronto Area or              
                           GTA for short

- We have many social expenses, so say hello to some taxes. depending on how much you make income tax is about 18 - 32 % with 8-13% tax on bought goods (depending which province you are in)

- Awesome Healthcare

- People are generally frindly

- Depending on where you go it can be completely Asian, black, ethnic European, etc. like in any city but it is a lot more noticeable.

- Business is Booming

So in short, Canada? doin alright


  1. I wish Canada offered a nice beach resort area for people who like the warm North Carolina weather... It could be a chiller version, I guess I could get used to it... But hey, with global warming I wouldn't doubt it if Americans started moving more North! Hahaha

    Canada is a great place for Koreans to immigrate. I hear a lot of them go there, even some of my extended Korean family! Your economy is probably doing much better than the USA, probably because red flags are going up everywhere that say: "Spend and die!" and we are spending more than ever. We need to cut expenses and raise taxes to stay afloat I'm afraid.

  2. Yeah, if only Canada wasn't full of Canadians, the place would be alright.

  3. Truer words have never been put onto a demoti.

  4. Well, Their GDP should be doing good, they have a population of 3 per square mile.