Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maybe This Will be a 5th of November to Remember

As many people are aware about Anonymous's recent hacking. Most attributed to LulzSec which seemed to start this movement. Guy Fawkes (The English terrorist/freedom fighter, call him what you will) tried to blow up parliament on November the 5th, an act of rebellion that has been popularized by the movie V for Vendetta. (If you haven't seen it, I urge you to do so. It may bring out the revolutionary in you,w ho knows?) They are proposing the liquidation of Facebook. Thy have a solid case, Facbook has millions of people's personal info's and has sold it multiple times to companies, law enforcement, government agencies etc. The whole problem with Facebook is that if you're part of this generation, you will 99% have it, because 99% of your friends all have it.

Peer Pressure is fucking stuff up like usual.

I personally support this whole-heatedly as I do not like Facebook, the only reason I have it is so I know about certain events, things that are not Facebook's prim function.

The Video can be seen here: I don't know you or care about what your views are, but do your research, take a side and fight for your end to the teeth, if you care about it that much. if not it was just another Cool Beans story to you.

Oh, and apparently thy killed the guy that shot down the US chopper:


  1. Good post, It will be really intersting to see if anon can pull this hack off

  2. please destroy facebook. It is by far the worst website ever filled with douchebags

  3. Hah, that last picture was appropriate.